Vintage Lamps
Tiffany, Antique or Vintage lamp show you have good taste! High End at extreme Discount Prices so enjoy yourself.
Antique & Vintage Lamps

Antique & Vintage Lamps

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2 Blk/Gold Buffet Table Lamps
2 Burgundy Gold Table Lamps
2 Tall Vintage Table Lamps
Antique BLU/WHT Table Lamp
Antique Canton Vase Table Lamp
Antique Floral Vase Table Lamp
Antique Jade Teapot Table Lamp
Antique Table Lamp w/ People
B/W Vase Antique Table Lamp
Banker's Lamp,Blue Glass Shade
Black Vase Antique Table Lamp
BLK Vintage Table Lamp
Blk/Gld Antique Table Lamp
Blue Antique Table Lamp
Blue Jar Vintage Table Lamp
Blue Violets Antique Table Lamp
Brass Vintage/Antique Table Lamp
Bronze Bird Vintage Lamp
Bronze Dog Vintage Lamp
Brown Jade, Post Table Lamp
Contemporary Stripe Vase Lamp
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Vintage & Antique Table Lamps

Vintage & Antique Table Lamps

                             Vintage lamps

Avoid eye strain in a freindly environment with appropriate lighting for you. Antique or Vintage lamps can customize your decore

To make the perfect choice

#1. Browse the gallery and select what pleases you. 

#2. Then view the intended room. Keep in mind the existing colors & textures of the            space. 

#3. Review your favorite selections in our gallery, the vintage or antique table lamps          that fit your decor will then be obvious.           

If the choice is not easy request a call in contact us a professional designer will be delighted to personally call and adress your need. We actually find that fun. Consider Tiffany table lamps as they are vintage too. 


After receiving and placing the perfect finishing touch of high end lighting if feeling proud, do email us a photo we shall post it in a home decor blog and point out why the design flow works so well. Yes name and state will be in the title but no contact info. We greatly respect privacy.


Vintage lamps are classic and say you have good taste with elegant decorating style. It's High End at Affordable Prices, Have fun!

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